“Nothing tested my courage and resolve greater than what happened to my son – Shane Truman Todd.”

“Shane made me so proud. After earning his doctorate in Electrical Engineering, Shane sought adventure and took a job with a telecommunications firm in Singapore.

As time went by, Shane became more and more uncomfortable by what the China-affiliated firm asked him to do. They wanted him to assist with the illegal transfer of technology to China. Shane told us he was being pressured to compromise U.S. security and he would not do it.

Soon after, Shane said he was feeling threatened and afraid for his own life. We told him to come home. He found a job in Virginia and we were so happy when he decided to leave. 

But on his last day of work in Singapore, I received a call from Shane’s girlfriend. She found Shane garroted to death in his own bedroom. 

The autopsy report examined by one of America’s top pathologists confirmed that he had bruises on his head and hands from fighting off at least two people – but the Singapore police covered up my son’s murder. They called it a suicide – even going so far as planting five fake suicide notes.   

We went to Singapore as a family to see for ourselves that Shane’s bags had been packed and he had been selling his furniture – preparing to come home. While we were there, we found a hard drive the police had accidentally left behind – Shane’s hard drive. He had backed up all his files. 

The hard drive revealed that the project Shane was asked to work on was a collaboration with Huawei – the Communist Chinese tele-communications firm that’s repeatedly been accused of stealing U.S. secrets. 

My son was murdered for protecting his country. We fought through the Singapore legal system as hard as we could, but the fix was in. Even the FBI was denied access by the Singapore police. We went to our government and met with officials in the Obama administration – and ultimately, they did nothing. 

So, when I tell you that am I courageous. When I say to you that I will give a voice to the voiceless. That I will listen to those who have been ignored. That I will look you in the eye and fight for your needs and stand up for justice – no matter the cost or the odds of success – you know that I mean it. Because I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be ignored. And my resolve, my dedication to the security of this country and your family will never waiver.” Read The Article Here