Meet Mary

Mary Todd is a proud Montanan, a mother and grandmother, a small business owner, a church leader, and an unapologetic America First conservative.

Mary has always sought to serve her community and country. This desire was heightened when her oldest son Shane Truman Todd, a PhD in Electrical Engineering, was murdered in Singapore after refusing to facilitate the illegal transfer of U.S. technology to a company backed by the Chinese Communist Party.

After earning his PhD, Shane sought adventure and took a job with a Electronics firm in Singapore. In the months leading up to his death, Shane expressed concern about the work his employer was having him do with a Chinese company, later revealed to be Huawei. Eventually convinced that his work was violating U.S. export laws and security interests, Shane resigned and found a new job at a research firm back in the U.S. Shortly after tendering his resignation, Shane told his family he felt his life was being threatened. On his last day of work, Shane was found garroted to death in his Singapore apartment. 

While in Singapore to bring home their son’s body, Mary and her husband Rick found a hard drive backup to Shane’s computer that the police had accidentally left behind. The hard drive revealed that the project Shane was asked to work on was an illicit collaboration with Huawei – the largest telecommunication firm in the world that had repeatedly been accused of numerous forms of espionage against the United States. 

After discovering evidence that her son was murdered for protecting his country, Mary alongside her husband fought through the Singapore legal system, but justice was never served. The Singapore government ordered the destruction of evidence and denied the FBI the opportunity to investigate. The Todd’s appealed to the U.S. government and met with officials in the Obama/Biden administration—but the administration ultimately refused to act. 

Mary’s personal tragedy only strengthened her passion to represent her state and to serve and defend the American people. As your Representative in the US House, Mary Todd will fight courageously to preserve Montana’s freedom and resources, to empower citizens, to restore opportunity and upward mobility, and to Make America Great Again.

If elected, she is committed to:

  • Putting America first in trade and foreign policy.
  • Cracking down on China’s illegal trade practices.
  • Recognizing the threat to freedom and the American way of life by the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Ensuring a large percentage of essential goods are manufactured in the United States. 
  • Unapologetically standing up for the life of the unborn.
  • Defending the 2nd Amendment—without reservation.
  • Completing Trump’s wall and securing the border.
  • Creating high-quality jobs here in Montana.
  • Stopping the rapid inflation caused by the Biden-Harris economic policies.
  • Ensuring that Montana’s public lands remain public and open, protecting its forests and wildlife, and wisely stewarding its natural resources.
  • Supporting veterans and services offered by the VA. 
  • Defending Israel and our allies.
  • Fighting corporate cronyism and big tech monopolies.
  • Ending federal funding radical classroom indoctrination. 

Mary Todd resides in Kalispell with her husband Rick, who is a Navy veteran. Together they have helped lead a small church, through which they have worked to provide neighborhood children with extracurricular activities. Mary and Rick are also small business owners. They have renovated several properties in the Flathead Valley, and they own and manage a local bed and breakfast. Mary’s three remaining sons live in Montana. She enjoys spending time with her family and grandchildren, who daily remind her of the importance of fighting for a free, secure, and prosperous America.