America Is Worth Fighting For

We are currently in a battle for our nation’s survival between those who love America and those who hate her—between those who want to keep the American way of life and uphold our constitution and those who want to destroy it.

Our Founding Fathers established the government to protect “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Our ruling elites have abandoned this goal. Instead, they are actively working to destroy the political ideals and institutions that have made America a beacon of freedom and self-government in a world dominated by tyranny and oppression.

We need a new generation of courageous leaders who will reinvigorate the pioneer spirit that birthed America. 

As your Congresswoman, I will be a strong and courageous leader. I will stand up to ideologically corrupt ruling elites who are destroying republican self-government and all that has made our country great.

A Secure and Independent America

Our government exists, first and foremost, to protect its citizens. Policies on immigration, national sovereignty, trade, and wars should serve the well-being of the American people. I will stand against those seeking to undermine America’s security and independence.

In recent years, do-nothing policies at the southern border have encouraged lawlessness and contributed to devastating levels of drugs and crime in our communities. I will work to secure our border by completing the boarder wall, deporting criminals convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor and those who have crossed illegally over the past few years, and ending catch-and-release policies. Immigration policy must be revamped to prioritize security, legality, assimilation, and merit.

A secure and independent America also requires minimizing our dependence for essential goods and services on countries who do not share our values. This will require reinvigorating America’s manufacturing capacity and restoring domestic production of gas and oil energy independence.

Sanctity of Life

God is the author of life, and I am 100% pro-life. I have a long record of fighting for the right to life. In 1989, I was arrested for praying at an abortion clinic and was given a 30-day jail sentence. When offered the opportunity to pay a $500 fine in lieu of jail time, I refused to pay. I would not contribute to a corrupt system that punished me for practicing my constitutional right to peacefully protest. You can count on me to always vote for life.

Safeguard the Second Amendment

The right to bear arms isn’t just about hunting—it’s about the right to protect our families from crime and tyranny. I am 100% pro-gun.

In Montana, the Second Amendment is a way of life—not just because we love to hunt, but because Montanans are freedom fighters. I will oppose any federal, state, or local laws that restrict the right to bear arms or establish any new agencies or regulations for tracking the sale or possession of arms.


Our Founder’s understood that education helps preserve free and accountable government through the cultivation of moral, self-sufficient, civically aware citizens. Today, billions of America’s tax dollars are going to universities who teach our best and brightest that America is an evil, racist country. While proficiency in math, reading, and science in primary and secondary education has plummeted, American children are being indoctrinated in radical race and gender ideology.

It’s time to end public funding for any programs that teach individuals to hate one another and to hate our country. Instead, resources should be directed towards giving parents more control over their children’s education, encouraging the teaching of an honest but patriotic account of our country’s history, and preparing future generations for gainful employment and responsible citizenry.

Putting Montana First

“Montana First” is more than just a slogan, its about loving this state and not being afraid to say it loud and proud. As your congresswoman, I will always put the preservation of Montana’s freedom and resources first.

Public lands have always been one of the greatest treasures of the Treasure State. Public lands should stay public for ALL Montanans—to hunt, ranch, fish, hike, farm and teach their children the beauty of our state. I will preserve the work of President Trump and previous members of Congress who signed protections into law to preserve access to our federal land. I will fight to protect our public lands from government bureaucrats who want to cut us off from our lands, environmental activists who want to mismanage them, and predatory mega-corporations who want to exploit them.