Meet Mary Todd

A proud Montanan, a mother and grandmother, a small business owner, a church leader, and an unapologetic, America First conservative.


Conservative On The Issues

America Is Worth Fighting For

We are currently in a battle for our nation’s survival between those who love America and those who hate her—between those who want to keep the American way of life and uphold our constitution and those who want to destroy it. This is a fight we must win.

Protect Life

Mary Todd knows that human life is a gift from God, and that’s why she is and will always be 100% pro-life. Read More

Safeguard The Second Amendment

The right to bear arms isn’t just about hunting—it’s about the right to protect our families from crime and tyranny.  That’s why Mary Todd is 100% pro-gun. Read More

Secure America’s Borders

A country without borders is not a country. America needs to finish building Trump’s border wall.

Preserve Montana

Mary Todd believes public lands should stay public for all Montanans—to hunt, ranch, fish, hike, farm and teach their children the beauty of our state. Read More